Why You Should Smile More

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Dentists work hard to keep your mouth and teeth healthy but having well-cared-for teeth has an extra benefit. Having the confidence to smile is a biggie, and the way a genuine smile lights up the world around you could be more important than you know.

First up, You Look Great When You Smile!

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You don’t need a perfect face to look gorgeous. You’ll surely have noticed that you are attracted to people who have a big, sincere smile. It’s wired into our systems. It’s an instinctive reaction. Give the world your brightest smile, and know you’re looking fabulous!

Smiling Makes You Happy and Relieves Stress

Most people think that they smile when they’re happy. But if you aren’t feeling so happy, smiling could actually cheer you up! Studies show that even a forced smile helps you to feel happier and more relaxed. Strange as it may seem, your smile doesn’t just have a positive effect on those around you.

Smiling Improves Your Physical Health

When you smile, you boost your immune system. Combine this with the stress-relieving benefits of smiling, and you could even enjoy a longer life. A study of players featured on baseball cards showed that the ones who smiled for their pictures lived longer than those who didn’t.

When You Smile, People are More Likely to Trust You and Cooperate with You

If you want to succeed in your career and personal life, your smile could be your best asset. Medical Daily reports that smiling makes people trust you and want to cooperate with you. You look confident, and happy, and people respond to that instinctively. Your smile makes you a better leader and helps you to influence people in a positive way.

Smiling Helps You to Get More Done

A team of economists measured this by showing a group of people a comedy film. A second group watched a film with a neutral tone. After watching the film, the researches gave participants tasks to complete. Guess who got the most done in the shortest time? That’s right, feeling good, smiling and laughing will not only make your workday pleasanter, but also more productive.

Smiling Boost Creative Thinking

A study on smiling conducted in 2013 showed another surprising benefit that flows from that smile: creative problems solving. Researchers believe that he neurotransmitter, dopamine makes this possible, and triggering dopamine is as easy as letting yourself smile. Smiling makes you feel happier, and the positive state of mind reflects in your approach to problems.

Do You Have a Reason Not to Smile?

Facing the wold with a smile may sound like a simple thing to do, but for some people, it’s not that easy. They even force themselves NOT to smile. It’s not because they’re naturally stern people either. The problem lies with their teeth. When your teeth are stained, crooked, or gappy, you become self-conscious.

Just think of the implications: you won’t want to laugh at your friends jokes, you cover your mouth with your hand when you do smile or laugh, you force yourself to make do with a tight-lipped quirk at the corners of your mouth. If this is you, it’s time you spoke to your Vancouver cosmetic dentist about a smile makeover. Life really does go better when you can smile freely!

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