What Are The Treatments For A Complete Smile Makeover

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Go on, think about it. How long has it been since you’ve felt confident enough to smile freely, without trying to keep your lips pressed tightly together? Maybe it’s time to say farewell to the cracks and chips, gaps and skew teeth that make you self-conscious.

A complete smile makeover could set you free to share your beautiful smile with everyone around you, and make their (and your) days a lot brighter with its shine. It’ll also make your teeth function better.

Restoring Your Smile

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A smile makeover is all about you and your smile, because your smile is unique to you. This will be at the forefront of your cosmetic dentist’s mind when choosing the procedures to unlock that smile you have been hiding behind closed lips or doors. And he or she will be hoping it will be at the forefront of yours, too. Cosmetic dentistry restores smiles to their former glory by correcting defects in the teeth. It is not about copying those that brighten the faces of celebrities you admire.

Choosing the Techniques

A range of techniques are available to the cosmetic dentist for shaping, shortening, evening out and covering defects that destroy the beauty of your smile. These will help to narrow any gaps, replace lost teeth, whiten discolored teeth, and even reshape them when necessary. In planning the best treatment outcome, the dentist takes into account not only the length, shape and condition of your teeth, but also the shape of your gums and lips and your facial features, hair colour and skin tone.

Shaping the perfect smile

The shape and contour of your teeth and how much your gums show, all make a big difference to your smile. Using various dentistry techniques, many of these can be altered so as to be in near perfect proportion to the smile line formed by the curve of your bottom lip.

Starting with the two front teeth, cosmetic dentists will try to get as near to the 4:5 ratio of tooth length and width possible by contouring or reshaping the teeth using a drill or laser, or by doing composite resin bonding, or applying veneers. Other smile-visible teeth will be altered to fit in well with them and create symmetry and balance. And if your smile is embarrassingly gummy, the dentist will look at contouring the gum.  

Fixing the broken and replacing the lost

  • Composite bonding involves attaching a shaped, molded and polished composite resin putty to misshapen teeth and those that are cracked and/or broken. It also hides any discoloration on the teeth and can do away with slight gaps.
  • Veneers, also made of composite resin, or porcelain, are shell-like add-ons which are attached to the front of teeth. They provide a good cover-up for unsightly marks, stains and other defects and once attached, last for a long time.
  • When a tooth is missing, an implant, which “roots” an artificial tooth in the bone supporting the gums, is seen as the most naturally pleasing option. However crowns and partial or full dentures can also be used.

Brightening up a bit

Whitening and lightening teeth darkened by poor diet, smoking, genetics and aging is one of the most popular and effective parts of the smile makeover process. It’s not surprising as this treatment, which can be done in the dentist’s chair using gel and trays, lasers or LED lights, adds the finishing touch to a perfect smile.

Restoring your self-confidence and freeing you to smile whenever you want to, is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give yourself. And the positive changes it will bring to your life will prove it to be a gift that keeps on giving. It’ll not only change the way you see yourself, but it will also alter the way others see you. Just thinking about it should get you smiling right now!

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