How Often Should I See My Dental Hygienist?

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Your dental hygienist is in charge of thoroughly cleaning your teeth and ensuring that there are no cavities or any sign of gum disease. Many insurance policies include dental cleaning – showing how important it is that these visits and procedures are regular. But how regular should they be? And what exactly happens at a dental cleaning? It’s important to know these things so that we can take proper care of our teeth.

What Does the Dental Hygienist Do?


Obviously, the dental hygienist is in charge of cleaning the teeth and mouth and preventing any disease or infection from developing. In most cases, a set procedure is followed during the consultation.

Dental hygienists provide a necessary skill in identifying any potential problems within the mouth: bleeding, swelling or inflammation. Not only can they suspect signs of general problems, but more specifically earlier signs of periodontal disease can be detected. Before the actual cleaning begins, the dental hygienist may examine the mouth for plaque build-up and tartar – sometimes, looking at the areas where these are found then the hygienist can pick up on incorrect brushing or flossing techniques.

After all the examination and consultation then the deep clean will commence. This will remove any plaque, tartar, calculi and stains – leaving the teeth feeling fresh and smooth. The appointment is almost over: lastly, the dentist will give the patient any feedback and oral hygiene tips that may improve their homecare. These tips and tricks, usually related to brushing and flossing, should be taken seriously as they could prevent infection, disease and tooth decay.

Regular Visits are Important

Most dentists will advise that a visit to the dental hygienist is something to be done at least twice a year – there are factors that contribute to more frequent visits, however. These may include having fillings or crowns on any of your teeth or perhaps having a history of dental diseases. What is even more important to consider is whether you are susceptible to gum disease – perhaps you are pregnant or undergoing the procedure of having braces fitted. In cases such as these, it is advisable to see the dental hygienist even more often – up to every three months.

Children present a unique challenge because gum disease and tooth decay happen more frequently to them – often from poor brushing and flossing habits. Making your children get a cleaning more than twice a year will ensure that their teeth remain healthy and also that they develop the habit of regular dentist visits.

Therefore, once again the frequency of your dental visits is dependent on your personal situation. If you are at a higher risk of periodontal disease or gum disease, then dental cleanings more often would be beneficial. Examining your oral hygiene routine and accepting the advice of your dentist will help. Keep in mind that it is highly advisable to see your dental hygienist at least twice a year, but you can never visit too often. Dental cleanings make your teeth feeling clean and fresh, and leave you smiling for days.

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