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Vancouver Craniofacial Dentistry is a dedicated and comprehensive service. We treat head, neck and face abnormalities in children. These abnormalities can be birth defects, accidents, improper growth and development. We provide a broad, inter-disciplinary treatment planning and management for providing maximum rehabilitation to the patients. We recommend patients to be on a long term follow up as some treatments can span from a person’s childhood to teenage.

At Craniofacial Dentistry Vancouverwe evaluate and treat people with conditions affecting the face, dentition and the head. On the other hand, we provide care for adults and children who suffer from cleft lip and palate and many other complex craniofacial problems. We provide quality of life for everyone who visits our office. Our care optimizes the speech, facial appearance and dental development. Our team here is completely dedicated at providing the best possible outcome and care through our state of the art imaging and treatment techniques for providing the best possible comprehensive care. We maintain a centralized record for every patient who visits us, and this includes patient history, diagnosis, report of the evaluation, treatment plant and the treatment provided which includes supportive documentation such as speech recordings, photos, dental models and radio-graphs etc.

Vancouver Craniofacial Dentistry organizes and co-ordinates the allied disciplines which involve the management of the craniofacial patients such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, medical social workers etc…, thus providing a total comprehensive care. We run monthly combine clinics for evaluating patients at intervals, the frequency of the evaluation depends on the patient and his or her condition and family needs.

At Craniofacial Dentistry Vancouver we develop a long term plan for each patient and modify them as necessary for craniofacial development and growth, treatment outcomes and therapeutic advancements. Dentists here weigh the treatment decision against the expected outcomes and factors related to them like hearing, speech, facial growth, dentition and psychological impact on the patient and the family, thus providing smart and sensible care. Out duty does not end with providing patient care, we also educate primary care provider on important health care aspects, which includes feeding the patient, for providing early care for children with craniofacial abnormalities.

Vancouver Craniofacial Dentistry also promotes a sensitivity and understanding of the patients with craniofacial abnormalities and its related issues among the other health care providers and general public. We believe in total comprehensive care, thus assist families in securing financial aid for meeting the needs of the patient. With a dedicated Antenatal counseling program, we promote early detection of craniofacial abnormalities among the people in delivery and neonatal care, along with the primary care providers. At Craniofacial Dentistry Vancouver, we extend our study and clinical research in the craniofacial abnormalities by maintaining a special Craniofacial Laboratory as well.

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