General Dentistry

Headed by Dr. Abbas Tejani and Dr. Omar Kassam, Kerrisdale Dental Centre offers cosmetic & general dental services that not only enhance your dental but also your overall health. Each patient is unique for us so we offer customized services to suit your needs.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry involves the care and maintenance of your gums and teeth, which includes teeth cleaning, repair and prevention of oral diseases. General dentistry helps in the maintenance of gums and teeth so that your smile is radiant and stays so for your entire life. General dentistry focuses on removing all the oral diseases and repairs any broken teeth, thus providing you the freedom of enjoying your favorite foods. Some oral issues can be painful, such as a tooth cavity, but a gum disease is not necessarily painful and if it is left unattended in the right time, it can lead to unexpected teeth loss. Every person who cares for their oral health must go for regular checkups, teeth cleaning, dental decay removal and follow proper oral health care regimen at home, if you want to eliminate the risk of developing oral diseases.

At General Dentistry we offer dental services which are unique to each patient. We offer complete dental services for your entire family in a totally relaxing atmosphere. We ensure the best dental care to each patient who visits our office by using the latest equipment.

Whether it is your first visit to the dentist or you have been visiting a dentist’s office for years now, our general dentistry team offers a variety of dental services which includes dental services such as x-rays, dental examination, teeth cleaning, dental fillings etc. Our services also includes cosmetic dentistry; which employs dental veneers, teeth whitening and natural colored composite fillings, restorative dental care which employs partial and complete dentures, dental crowns and bridges and restorative implant dentistry.

Are you or your kid stressed out with dental anxiety? You don’t have to worry anymore as professional dentists and well trained staff offer General Dentistry services in Vancouver. Our team of professionals are very compassionate and have a gentle touch, they care about each patient and respond to the unique needs of the patient to provide the best dental care for your complete wellbeing. The general dentists here are very pleasant and provide a positive experience for people of all ages. Whether you have visited a dentist in a while or striving hard to find a good dentist who will provide you the right care, Vancouver General Dentistry will provide you everything you need and make your visit to the dentist a positive experience through our comprehensive dental care.

General dentistry aims at keeping your teeth safe and healthy as possible. For this you need regular checkups at the clinic and consult a dentist as soon as you experience discomfort. To maintain oral health, brush twice daily and use dental floss and for this you don’t have to be a Vancouver General Dentistry professional.

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