Balanced Night Guards

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Night Guards

Key Benefits

  • Biocompatible material
  • Customized to help your mouth joints and muscles work in harmony
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Prevents headaches,jaw and muscle pain
  • Helps you Sleep better
  • Protects your teeth

While many of us sleep, we unknowingly grind and clench our teeth. Over time, this can wear teeth down, destroy previous dental work, and put a lot of strain on your jaw joints and muscles of your face and neck. A night guard is the simplest way to help protect your teeth while you sleep.

A properly made night guard is custom designed to your mouth. It is made of heat cured plastic which is biologically compatible and is shaped so as to allow the teeth to meet evenly and the muscles of your jaw to be in harmony with your teeth. This allows the muscles to relax and minimize the forces which can damage your teeth and jaw joints.

Many of our patients have reported that they love their night guards and don’t want to sleep without them. As a further testimonial, every team member in our office wears their guard nightly!


How long does the treatment take?

Two visits, 1st to take moulds of your teeth and a custom measurement of your corrected bite. The 2nd to deliver and fine tune the guard to your mouth.

What does KDC do differently than other dentists?

Dr. Tejani has taken multiple courses in optimizing jaw function and rehabilitating bite to help you treat head, neck and jaw pain. Your custom mouth guard will be optimized to your treatment needs.

Does insurance cover this treatment?

Insurance may cover part or all of this procedure depending on your plan. Call us today to learn more about insurance coverage / pricing.

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