Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

As more and more people realize the importance of their smiles, and learn of the ever-increasing array of techniques and treatments available to deal with any defects that mar their smiles’ dazzle, cosmetic dentistry is becoming ever more popular.

Increasingly cosmetic dentists are heeding the call of bodies like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, for dentists to be as minimally invasive as possible in their procedures. In addition, modern cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver is moving towards a more natural result – so much so that the finished effect can be hard to distinguish as being unnatural.

The most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry today include:

Teeth whitening:

teeth whitening

Teeth can become discolored as a result of genetics, illnesses and medication, trauma or aging. Certain foods or drink we consume often, like red wine, tea or coffee or smoking can also discolour teeth in the long run.

Whitening products are available for home use, including toothpastes, gums, whitening strips and whitening kits. All take numerous applications and require your commitment to the process over a period of time. An in-office procedure administered by your cosmetic dentist on the other hand, can lighten your teeth by up to 7 shades in one hour.

Cover-ups and add-ons:

Tougher discoloration than whiteners can correct, cracks, chips, cracks and broken or missing teeth are among the most common problems needing cosmetic attention. Often the best way is to cover the defects or add onto what’s left of the teeth. There are various options:

Composite bonding:

Composite Bonding

A composite material, blended to look as natural as possible, is bonded onto the tooth surface and is shaped and contoured to fit in with your existing teeth before being hardened. Bonding can be used to reshape teeth as well as fill cracks and lessen gaps.


Porcelain Veneers - cosmetic dentistry

These are thin but tough shells made out of composite resin or porcelain which are attached to the front of the teeth to hide discoloration, chips or cracks; bad spacing or worn enamel. This procedure involves altering your teeth. Porcelain veneers are more expensive and involve more visits to the dentist than the composite ones. However, they look more natural, last longer and are more resistant to staining.


Crowns - cosmetic dentistry

The flagships of this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, crowns are the most expensive and involve more visits and time to have done. However, they also last the longest of the “cover-up” options. They replace larger portions of the tooth than veneers and alleviate problems where the cap, or crown of the tooth is missing or has been destroyed by grinding, decay or injury.

Gum contouring:

Many people are unhappy about what they view as their “gummy” smiles, which involves a lot of their gums showing when they smile. A certain amount of change can be brought about with minor surgery, but depending on the degree of change needed, correction might involve the need to consult an orthodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon for more advanced gingival contouring surgery.

Correcting alignment:

Far from the old wire fence braces of the past, braces used these days to realign teeth can be almost invisible. They are now available as see-through aligners, ceramic tooth-colored ones or those that are placed on the back of the teeth, called inside braces.

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