Teeth whitening will make you smile

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Teeth whitening will make you smile for more reasons than one. And getting your local cosmetic dentist in Vancouver to do the job for you produces the very best results. But what are the real benefits of professional teeth whitening? Let’s go through them together:

teeth whitening

1) Keep your teeth strong and healthy

Please, whatever you do, avoid the ‘natural’ home tooth whitening ideas you find on the internet. Sure, they look cheap and easy, but they’re also cheap and nasty! Most of them rely on things that actually damage the tooth enamel. Smearing strawberries on your teeth might sound harmless, but the acidity of the pulp actually eats away at your teeth. If you really must try a natural remedy, stick with coconut oil. It’s not very effective, but at least it won’t hurt your teeth.

2) Avoid commercial tooth whitening traps

Just about every commercial dental hygiene product seems to promise you whiter teeth these days, but commercial language can be misleading. For example, brushing your teeth with toothpaste makes them look whiter because you brushed your teeth, and not because of any wonderful ingredient in the paste!

When there is some kind of whitening ingredient, it just isn’t as effective as a proper teeth whitener used by a dentist. So you have to keep using it, and you get less effective results. This said, there are some fairly effective sticky strips you can get, but once again, the results just don’t equal a professional job. You could even end up with blotchy looking teeth because some stains are tougher than others.

3) No pain and lots of gain

Imagine this. You walk in to the dentist’s consulting rooms for a single appointment. It takes less than hour to complete the teeth whitening process and it doesn’t hurt at all. There are no injections, and no discomfort. Meanwhile your dentist uses special equipment and products that can’t be sold in stores to perfect your smile. Once the job is done, you can see the results in the mirror. Your teeth actually glint. How easy is that?

As an alternative, your dentist can supply you with special trays that fit over your teeth and the product you need to do the job for yourself at home, but do be aware that you’ll have to repeat your treatment several times to get the same result.

4) Feel good about your smile

People with stained teeth often get very self-conscious. They cover their mouths when they laugh or smile with their lips firmly closed. If this is you, you’ll understand that horrible feeling that your teeth are making your happiest moments an embarrassment. Wouldn’t it be grand to throw back your head and laugh out loud without having to feel awkward?

5) Make others feel good about you

Our attitude towards others is much more strongly influenced by their appearance than we may realize. Subconsciously, we are troubled by aspects of a person that don’t look ‘right’ to us. We even form character judgements based on appearance. So an overweight person may be considered greedy and lazy, even if they are nothing of the kind, and a person with stained teeth may be seen as not caring about their appearance.

White teeth create the impression of health and vitality, and being able to smile with confidence will bring that confidence across, whereas the embarrassment caused by stained teeth may be seen as a lack of ‘openness’ or sincerity.

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