Grinding Teeth? Get Information on Balanced Night Guards and Protect Your Teeth

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Night Guards and Protect Your TeethUnknowingly, many of us grind or clench our teeth when we are sleeping. This can cause damage to teeth and wear them down with time, destroy previously done dental work or even affect muscles around your face and neck along with jaw joints. You might wake up exhausted and have a persistent headache throughout the day if the problem continues. If you want to protect your teeth when you sleep, a night guard is an excellent solution for you.

Where to Find Suitable Night Guards?

While you can find many night guards across the counters in medical stores, it is best to look for a Vancouver cosmetic dentist who can assist you with making a customized night guard as per your mouth size and requirements. As this is made of biocompatible material, it helps you sleep better and does not do any further damage in your mouth. The customized night guards help your muscles and mouth joints to work in harmony, ensuring that you are free from pain in the morning and have relaxed muscles.

How It Works?

You need to visit the best dentist in Vancouver to get a customized night guard. On your first visit, the dentist will take your mouth measurements using a mould and get your corrected bites. On your second visit, the guard is fine tuned in your mouth and delivered to you directly. This guard is made from heat cured plastic which is shaped in a way that allows your teeth to meet the jaw muscles seamlessly. This helps your muscles to relax and reduces the force which can damage your joints and teeth.

These night guards are highly effective in protecting one of your most valuable assets – your teeth! While they don’t necessarily assure that your teeth grinding will stop, they do assure that with regular use, no further damage will be caused to your teeth or your sleep!

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