Precautions to Take When Opting For Dental Implants in the Winter Season

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Dental Implants in the Winter SeasonIf you are considering getting dental implants in the winter season, you might need to take some extra care of your teeth. Many times, accidents occur more in the winter season with winter sports, falling on ice or motor vehicles’ accidents due to winter snow. Unfortunately, if you happen to lose your teeth in such an accident, you might consider a dental implant as the best option.

Taking Care of Implants during Winter

Overcoming Vitamin D Deficiency

One of the biggest drawbacks of the winter season is the lack of Vitamin D. As the sunlight exposure is limited during this time, our body does not get the necessary levels of the vitamin. This vitamin plays an integral role in bone metabolism and helps in the proper functioning of dental implants. If you are facing a deficiency of Vitamin D, you can opt for food sources like tuna, salmon, fish oil, liver, egg yolk, nuts, apples, dairy, grains or beef to make up for the deficiency. You can also take food supplements that contain Vitamin D2 and D3 as per the recommendation from your cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Fighting Cold and Flu

It is common to catch a cold or flu in the winter season due to the harsh weather conditions. However, if you fall sick immediately after the implant surgery, you must get treated immediately or it can jeopardize the results of the dental surgery. The Antibiotic prophylaxis is essential during the procedure of implants and bone grafting. It must be taken before the surgery as it can reduce the chances of the patient coming down with cold and flu.

After your dental implants in Vancouver, it is suggested to avoid going out in windy places without covering your mouth and nose. Exposure to cold winds immediately after the surgery can cause complications. Also, avoid too hot, cold and hard food items for some time to ensure you get the best results from your implant surgery.

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