Removing Tooth Decay Drill-Free and Pain-Free With Lasers

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Drill-Free and Pain-Free With LasersVancouver dentists are now opting for modern laser technology to help their patients get rid of tooth decay without any drilling or freezing. This is a comfortable treatment that can be completed within one visit and assures that only the damaged tooth area is removed, keeping the other teeth intact.

Why Opt For Laser?

Dental drills are one of the most hated medical services by patients around the world. With the revolutionary laser technology, dentists can remove tooth decay with minimal pain. Many times, even an anaesthetic is not required while doing this treatment. Plus, with the ultimate precision offered by lasers, more teeth can be preserved.

How It Works?

Lasers are used for different kinds of fillings, especially if the decay is small and minimal tooth removal is required. With the help of WaterLase laser, a renowned laser technique used by most dentists, Vancouver is now embracing pain-free decay removed. Using a concentrated beam of light, the decay is evaporated while the tooth is cooled down with water. The laser with hard tissues helps fill small cavities without any discomfort to the patients.

Drilling can cause a lot more damage to your tooth as compared to laser treatments. Lasers will also help preserve more tooth structure for long-term benefits. However, the best way to avail these advantages is to catch the cavities when they are small so that they can be easily treated with lasers. Dentist in Vancouver suggest regular check-ups and cleaning sessions at a renowned dental clinic for best results.


This treatment will cost just a little more than your regular fillings but it will save a lot of time and give you better results in the long run. You can also get an insurance claim on all or some of the treatment. Speak to your dentists before you begin the treatments.

Treating dental cavities with laser treatments is definitely a painless and smooth way to remove decay and preserve as much tooth as possible.

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