When to Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Reconstruction and RehabilitationUnfortunately getting involved in an accident, sustaining injuries, losing your teeth or breaking your jawbone may compel you to get in touch with a local emergency dentist. In such situations, patients are most often prescribed a full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Checking if Reconstruction is the Best Solution

Even if you may not have sustained what you believe to be a major injury but are having trouble during speech and when you eat, it is recommended that you visit a reliable facility such as Kerrisdale Dental. Here, the experts will be able to pursue a comprehensive check of your jaw and oral cavity. The check determines whether the problem lies with your jaw muscles, gum tissue, teeth or the temporomandibular joints.

Procedures that Fall Under the Umbrella of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Procedures that fall under the scope of full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation involve employing a number of techniques which help restore your teeth and rebuild the tissues of your gum. These treatments help significantly correct a variety of problems with the jaw, restoration of gums and make them healthy overall.

You may also be required to remove and reposition your teeth for enhanced comfort during eating and speaking. Common procedures in this field of dental treatment involve0

•    Veneers, bridges, crowns
•    Tooth repositioning
•    Extractions
•    Gum contouring
•    Tooth pulp removal
•    Tooth reshaping
•    Orthodontic braces

Remember that these treatments may take more than a single sitting to complete. Depending on the extent of damage in your oral cavity your dental expert will recommend a path that best suits your treatment goals.

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