Key Questions to Ask Before Getting Braces

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Key Questions to Ask Before Getting BracesEven after trusting the experts at Kerrisdale Dental Center, the thought of getting braces as an adult is a rather overwhelming. That said it is always good to be prepared and know exactly what you have to expect during your treatment. Here are a few things you can ask your orthodontist before you get those brackets installed.

•    What are the different types of braces I can choose from?

Most adults are recommended non-self-ligating or self-ligating metal braces, clear ceramic braces or aligners that are almost invisible.

•    Do I really need braces?

Experts at Kerrisdale Dental recommend braces to adults that require teeth straightening for a better bite or speech. In addition to achieving a balanced occlusion, this treatment also helps bring back that perfect smile and improve your self-esteem

•    What kind of care will I be expected to take after I install the braces?

Getting brackets installed for the perfect smile involves taking significant care of your oral hygiene. For starters, you will need to adopt a proper brushing technique when you have braces. The angle in which you hold your toothbrush above and below the braces is important to effectively remove large pieces of food. You will also require massaging the gum tissue surrounding the braces for 2-3 minutes after every meal. Flossing also becomes an integral part of your oral hygiene routine.

In addition to this, gain clarity on the tentative duration of your treatment, the number of sittings you will require during this period and whether or not you can continue pursuing everyday activities such as sports when you have braces on.

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