Taking care of your Invisible Aligners

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Taking care of your Invisible AlignersAn increasing number of adults are choosing to get aligners installed to straighten their teeth, improve their bite and revive that perfect smile. However, a major part of finding success in this treatment is making sure you take care of your invisible aligners.

The dentist in Vancouver recommends the following basic habits for people that have invisible aligners installed, in this treatment is making sure you take care of your invisible aligners.

•    It is important that you clean your invisible brackets as many times as you brush your teeth every day. Soak them in a solution of water and denture cleaner while you are having your meals. You can then brush and rinse it in lukewarm water before you put them on again.

•    You will also be able to invest in a cleaning kit that is created especially for your invisible aligners.

•    Kerrisdale cosmetic dentists recommend against removing your brackets in the night. However, dental experts insist that you remove these braces during your meals so that they are not soiled by food debris. That said it is also important that you brush your teeth thoroughly before you reinsert the aligners. This helps avoid bad breath and maintenance of proper oral hygiene.

•    Chewing gum with these braces on is avoidable since they tend to stick. Furthermore, smoking while you are undergoing this treatment may result in discoloration of the retainers or aligners.

By taking proper care of your invisible braces you can make sure that your investment lasts you the duration of your treatment and gives you the best results, fast.

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