Popular Reasons that Cause ‘Halitosis’ Better known as Oral Stench

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Oral StenchExcessive foul odor emanating from ones mouth is often known as Halitosis; a health condition that many suffer from. The consumption of certain foods such as onion, garlic among others can result in bad breath for a short period. However, this can be sorted out with a thorough bout of flossing and rinsing.

The halitosis that is actually detrimental tends to be consistent and plagues well over 25 percent of the public. Read on to know about the root causes of such oral stench.

  • The human tongue is one of the main places in the mouth where bacteria prosper as they feed on the leftovers from meals. The addition of dead cells coupled with poor oral hygiene creates the perfect environment for the spread of diseases. These bacteria exude a nasty scent that closely resembles the stench of rotten food causing most cases of tongue related halitosis.
  • Orally transmitted viral diseases from one person to another also tend to cause a foul odor.
  • Yeast contagion is another of the major reasons causing your breath to smell that can be diagnosed by visiting a dentist in Vancouver, BC.
  • Other issues include poor denture hygiene with insufficient cleaning of the teeth upon removal.
  • Remnants of edibles stuck in the gap between teeth can also rot allowing germs to fester causing a bad odor. Poor oral hygiene also causes tooth decay that sets people on the path of eventually needing tooth implants.

Halitosis often causes a lot of embarrassment when people avoiding speaking or smiling in public for fear of exuding a noticeably foul odor. Upon close examination, even the best dentist in Vancouver will recommend undertaking a comprehensive oral care routine as the long term cure for the condition. It is only routine flossing and brushing after meals that can do away with halitosis.

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