Important Tooth and Gum Care Habits Parents Must Regulate for their Kids

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Important Tooth and Gum Care HabitsIt is no secret that proper dental care from an early age can help avert cavities that requires several visits to a dentist in Vancouver. Read on to know just how soon parents need to make an effort to consciously maintain a regular oral care routine for their kids.

Cleaning your Toddler’s Teeth

Right from the time when parents feed their children, they must ensure that they clean their toddler’s teeth. When children are teething simply cleansing their gums and tiny teeth with a soft and wet cloth will suffice.

Training your Kids to Brush

As soon as your little ones can go to the bathroom alone, they can be taught to brush with a small amount of toothpaste. You can instruct your child to use the brush lightly, all the same covering all parts of the teeth before rinsing with a mouthwash.

Steer Clear of Candy other than an Occasional Treat

It is a little known fact that the consumption of candy or sweet biscuits necessitates at least a half hour of time to counterbalance the acidic response it generates. This means that frequent treats can cause long term tooth decay that can severely compromise your child’s oral health. It is best to steer clear of candy and only introduce sweets as a rare treat to your child.

Say Yes to Early Dentist Visits

Right from age one; babies need to see a Vancouver dentist at regular intervals to ensure that their mouth is free of cavities and that their oral care is on track. An oral hygienist can also help you notice stagnated growth in time to take counter measures.

Abiding to oral care early on can help you inculcate strong oral hygiene habits in your kids as they grow up, resulting in a strong set of teeth and gums.

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