Handle Dental Emergencies without Losing Your Cool

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Handle Dental EmergenciesYou never know when you might face an unexpected dental emergency. It’s imperative you remain calm and handle it well until you see your dentist at once. You need to be aware most dental emergencies may turn out to be quite severe and require medical attention immediately.

You can approach an emergency dentist to have your problem fixed. Here are few steps to follow to ensure you don’t lose your cool during an emergency:

Knocked-out Teeth: If this happens, you need to make sure to save the tooth carefully, immediately book an appointment with your dentist. It is necessary you see an emergency dentist as soon as possible and keep the tooth moist till you reach the dentist.

Toothache: This is no doubt one of the most common dental emergencies we face at least once in a lifetime. It makes us quite tensed till we reach our dentist. Keeping the teeth clean and having an aspirin till you get an appointment with your dentist is advised.

Lost Filling: This is yet another emergency, which requires immediate attention and it would be a good idea to stuff a bit of chewing gum that is sugar-free till you see your dentist.

Abscess: This infection develops in-between gums and teeth or near the root base. They can be quite dangerous if left unattended, you need to have an immediate appointment with your emergency dentist.

Objects Wedged in-between Teeth: First try flossing your teeth and if that does not help, you need to see your dentist. Ensure you do not poke with a pin or other unwanted objects, as it can lead to more harm than solving your issue.

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