About Us

Why Choose Us – Kerrisdale Dental Care

There are several reasons you would want to choose experience, high end cosmetic dentists like us. Here are a few things that make us extra special!

1. We are caring, personable, professional, and committed to excellence
2. Our Dentists take over two hundred hours of postgraduate education each year (significantly more than most dentists)
3. We use the latest and greatest equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality and most comfortable procedures
4. Our dentists have perfected their skills with these new methods to make dentistry and art form
5. We are very gentle (pain free dentistry) and comforting – the environment will make you feel at ease

A Few Fun Facts

1. We are obsessed with dental work that is both functional and beautiful
2. We have an exclusive lab artist for beautiful cosmetic results
3. We are ahead of the curve in techniques and technologies
4. We use sophisticated techniques and equipment for specialty treatments like bite analysis and TMJ treatments
5. We care about your overall health and wellbeing and will educate you as to how you can use oral care to care for your entire body
6. Over 25 years in business

Our Mission

At Kerrisdale Dental Centre each patient is unique to us. We strive to exceed expectations by providing excellence in dentistry through a gentle and caring approach. We are an enthusiastic and progressive team of professionals committed to creating partnerships by sharing our knowledge, expertise and service in order that each patient receives optimal care.

Drs. Tejani and Kassam have over 55 years of experience between them and strive for a minimum of 300 hours per year of continuing education courses, lectures, and hands on training; they research, study, and master cutting edge technologies.

Meet Our Kerrisdale Dentists,

Dr. Abbas TejaniDr. Abbas Tejani

Dr. Abbas Tejani graduated from the University of Bristol and is qualified in both the U.K. and Canada, passing the Canadian National Board Exams at the highest level. In a quest to find a more complete way of caring for his patients, he embarked on a life long journey in the fields of optimal dental physiology, occlusion, and aesthetic dentistry. During this process, he has trained with educators from world recognized institutions including: Las Vegas Institute for Neuromuscular Occlusion, Canadian Institute for Bioesthetic Dentistry, Pankey Institute, Society of Occlusal Studies, Ross Nash Institute, and the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. Dr. Tejani currently runs practices in Kerrisdale in Vancouver, B.C. and in Kensington, London, U.K.

Member of Canadian and B.C. dental associations; British Dental Association; Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentists and Prosthodontists; American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry; American Academy for Craniofacial Pain, with whom he is currently undertaking a program for fellowship.

Dr. Omar KassamDr. Omar Kassam

Dr. Omar Kassam graduated from the University of London in 1977 and has been in practice ever since. In 1987 he was a Clinical Instructor for final year students in the Department of Prosthodontics at the University Of British Columbia. In 1998 Dr. Kassam became a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and by 2008 he attained his Master Degree in laser dentistry and became a recognized course provider in same.

Dr. Kassam lectures internationally on laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and practice management. He got a new lease on his passion for dentistry as a result of pursuing cosmetic dentistry as of 1986.

Dr. Kassam believes that beauty is in the eyes of the owner and he pursues providing beautiful cosmetic dentistry with that view in mind.

Member of Canadian and BC dental associations, College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, American Academy Cosmetic Dentistry, International Society of Oral Laser Applications, and the British Dental Association

Meet Our Kerrisdale Dental Team,


Sharon moved to Vancouver from Taiwan in 1997. In Taiwan, Sharon held a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and taught college – level biology. She began working as a dental assistant in 1998 and successfully completed the Certified Dental Assistant Program at Open Learning Agency of BC. Sharon has a genuine interest in dentistry and her kind, compassionate and caring manner makes her an exceptional dental assistant that we are proud to have on our team. Sharon enjoys spending time with her son, and visiting her family all over the world.





Elaine holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and worked for UBC and British Columbia Institute of Technology. In 1997, she completed the Dental Hygiene program at Vancouver Community College and became a valued member of our team. Elaine is certified in Laser Hygiene and developed our hygiene prevention program. Elaine is an accomplished marathoner runner and a three time Ironnman finisher.







Aaryn is the youngest member of our team and brings her enthusiasm and excellent management skills to Kerrisdale Dental Centre. With caring and understanding, she guides our clients through their dental experience from start to finish. Aaryn began her studies at SFU in sciences, but decided to broaden her life experience in the workplace by embarking on a career in dentistry. She is a passionate reader and enjoys spending time with family and friends.