Understanding the Use of Composite Fillings to Restore Broken or Rotten Teeth

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Restore Broken or Rotten TeethSustaining chipped teeth or cracked front incisors can be appalling and even more so when you do not know that there is a fix for the issue. The use of composite filling is a handy procedure that not only brings back the aesthetically pleasing look of complete teeth, can also help repair rotten teeth. Simply visiting a dentist in Vancouver can let you explore your options and get the right kind of filling to fulfill your requirement.

Read on to know about exactly what you will be signing up for and whether you are eligible for the procedure.

The Constitution and Application

Such a filling is essentially a combination of synthetic material with glass used to coat the crevices of the damaged teeth. Once the mixture is put in place, the oral hygienist then uses special equipment to cement the application. Lastly, the filling is molded to fit the recess before it is polished to promote longevity and ensure that there is no discoloration.

Eligibility for Composite filling

Whether you have had a nasty accident and hurt you tooth or have a chipped tooth due to any reason, composite fillings can be your saving grace. They are used to fill in the spaces connecting two teeth as well as used to patch up broken ones. People opting for cosmetic dentistry use them to correct a smile disfigurement or even to go in for a tooth color change.

Patients who are suffering from severely decayed teeth may be advised to go for these fillings. Alternatively they may be given the option of a root canal followed by dental implants.

Since there are several types of composite fillings available, you can speak to your dentist and single out the type that best suits your tooth and gum needs before moving forward.

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