Three Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Consider

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cosmetic dentistrySimply speaking, cosmetic dentistry is the technique of altering the physical appearance of your teeth or gums. The reasons for requiring the services of a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver can be medical or purely aesthetic. It doesn’t matter which category you fall under. All that matters is that a Vancouver dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry can make a visible difference to your smile and thus, your confidence.

If you’ve spent a few days researching the internet for a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, and you’re still confused about what they can do for you, read on to understand the four most common cosmetic dentistry options

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular services offered by your local dentist. When you are looking for toothpaste in your local supermarket, you can almost always spot some kind of over the counter teeth whitening treatment for sale.

Over the counter products don’t offer the same kind of results that a cosmetic dentist can give you though. A dentist can provide you with much better, professional results in less time and that too with high quality products.


Everyone knows about veneers, there was a time when they were considered a luxury only the rich could afford to correct their smiles, but times have changed. Now, your friendly dentist can provide you with high quality veneers that will help in covering up discolored teeth that cannot be corrected with whitening or for closing gaps between teeth to give you that perfect, dazzling smile.


As the name suggests, reshaping is any physical change made to the tooth. It can involve altering the shape, size, or even the position of the tooth. This procedure can be useful for people who have crooked or misshaped teeth. Reshaping can also include gum lifts, which involves a surgical procedure to give the appearance of longer teeth.

Irrespective of which procedure you think is best for you, a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver can help you choose the right procedure.

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