Three Traits of a Good Dentist

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Dentist VancouverMoving to a new city can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of things to deal with – finding a new place to live, making new friends, and so on. What most people don’t realize is that moving can also be challenging in terms of their healthcare expectations. It can take years to build a good rapport with your dentist, so what traits should you expect to find in a dentist in Vancouver?


Empathy is a trait any good dentist must have in order to truly understand what their patients are going through. As a patient, it becomes very important that your dentist knows exactly what your symptoms represent and that they really understand what you’re experiencing. When coupled with the right treatment, a few kind words can definitely make you feel better.


As patients, most of us aren’t aware of the correct technical terms to describe our symptoms. Some of the best dentists in Vancouver may even have trouble understanding exactly what their patients are experiencing if they aren’t patient.

So how can you determine if patience is a trait in your dentist? Well, just describe your symptoms and let them ask you questions. Be as detailed as possible. The way your dentist reacts is a tell-tale sign of how patient they are being with you.

Good Communication Skills

The most important requirement of any good dentist, apart from expertise and experience, are good communication skills. From the moment you walk into their office till the time they are done with the examination, a dentist will try to make small talk that helps you be comfortable and puts you at ease.

If you are new to the city, consider these three important traits to find the best dentist, and dentist visits will no longer be difficult.

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