Three Reasons Why Dental Implants are Best for Teeth Replacements

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Having a missing tooth is no more agonising as dental implants have come across as a solution from teeth replacementdentists in Vancouver. And there are three types of implants that includes bridges, flippers and fixtures. While bridges and flippers are permanent replacements, fixtures are for those who wish to have temporary teeth replacements. Here are three common aspects that explain why fixtures are the wisest implant choice in teeth replacements:

  1. Appearance: Having a missing tooth can hurt one’s self esteem. Though flippers can get you naturally looking teeth, they are prone to fall occasionally. Bridges aren’t prone to same but they look unnatural. Fixtures will not shift during mouth movements and gives a natural looking smile.
  2. Strengthen: When you do replacements, you must be able to naturally speak, chew or bite. Flippers are only temporary & they cannot be used while eating, bridges are stronger but they affect speech, and fixtures being attached to the jaw bone with a metal screw actually makes up for a strong naturally looking teeth.
  3. Persistence: No one would wish to walk up to their dentists beyond their scheduled appointments; hence we expect to have implants that are durable. Flippers are temporary as stated before, bridges are permanent but may damage due to teeth weakening that brings into conclusion that fixtures are persistent and most reliable.

Dental implants are indeed the best choice to replace your missing teeth, but before you choose a type of implant, always seek advice from a dentist in Vancouver for the best results.

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