The Upside of Opting for a Dental Bridge

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Dental BridgeA dental bridge is a sought after procedure in cosmetic dentistry that helps people who are in need of a replacement for broken or absent teeth. Although faced with the option of going for tooth implants or dentures, a number of people prefer to go for a dental bridge. Read on to find out why and learn about the upside to the procedure.

An Appealing Appearance that is Lasting

A cosmetic dentist in Vancouver can help you get a dental bridge that is quite aesthetically gratifying. A conventional bridge succeeds in replacing the fallen tooth impeccably. It helps you look normal by fitting in immaculately with the other teeth. All the same it does not cramp the rest of your teeth, so that there is room for flexibility.

Since it is stain resistant, people can have as much caffeine as they want without fear of discoloration.

Shields the Neighboring Teeth

A bridge functions to protect the teeth around the fallen one when they show signs of damage. In case neighboring teeth are severely decayed or exhibit signs of breakage, the bridge covers and reinforces them. This gives the procedure the dual functionality of replacing one and fortifying the other teeth simultaneously, adding to its appeal.

Fast and Hassle Free

The simplicity and speed of this procedure is a great plus for people who undergo it. A dentist can successfully set you up with a dental bridge in roughly the amount of time it takes to fix one crown. People usually complete the entire procedure in no more than a couple of visits to the dentist. Its shorter duration is one of the reasons why patients prefer this method over getting cosmetic implants.

Since bridges are not as invasive as prosthetic teeth, they are an excellent way to replace your fallen pearly whites and fill the gap in your gums.



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