What Problems Can Veneers Fix

 In Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover over the surface of one, or more of your teeth. But why have veneers become so popular? Many people have turned to this procedure to fix many cosmetic dental problems because veneers look so natural and can fix more than one problem. It takes precision, talented cosmetic dentist and a clear idea of what the patient desires in order to make great porcelain or resin veneers – they can come in different shapes and sizes.

The Problems Fixed by Veneers

Some people have stained teeth, which can be caused by many things, and teeth whitening procedures don’t always remove the stains. With the latest improvements in dentistry procedures, there is never a reason to fear. Veneers cover over the tooth, or teeth and therefore hide the staining.

If teeth have been worn down or even if they have become uneven, dental veneers can improve the appearance of the teeth. This is also the case with broken, cracked or chipped teeth. Veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they improve the look of your smile in far less time and effort than braces do.

If you have a gap between your teeth, or otherwise known as a diastema, veneers are known to have the ability to fill the gap and give the appearance of another tooth. Because the colour of the resin or porcelain veneers is so similar to teeth enamel, it is very unnoticeable and looks extremely natural.

Added Benefits of Veneers


There are the obvious benefits such as the fact that it improves the appearance of your smile. But it is also known to strengthen the teeth and provide further protection against cracking and chipping. The porcelain veneers can change the shape of your mouth – giving your bite a smoother arc and improving the overall function. These porcelain shells are now made from advanced ceramics which are stronger than tooth enamel, and therefore provide far more protection to the teeth.

One of the reasons for getting veneers is to cover up stained teeth, but what makes this worthwhile is that the new veneers have a high resistance to stains. People with veneers who consume food and beverages that are known to cause staining would not need to worry as much as people without veneers. The attractiveness of these porcelain shells last over a long period of time.

These durable and strong advancements in dentistry have made huge improvements in many people’s lives. There is absolutely no reason to go through life feeling insecure about your smile. Veneers improve the quality, function ability and appearance of the teeth in a short amount of time with very little effort. So if you have a diastema, stained teeth, cracks, chips or broken teeth then look no further than veneers.

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