Prevent The Most Common Dental Emergencies

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

A person could suffer from many dental injuries which will result in an emergency appointment with your dental care provider. These could range from knocked out teeth, teeth fractures due to trauma, tissue injuries, infections and more. While you cannot control everything, there are certain preventive measures that could be taken to ensure that you avoid dental emergencies in the future to enjoy a bright and healthy smile.

Regular Visits with Your Dental Care Provider

There is no substitute for a dentist’s visit and those six monthly appointments could be your saving grace. Dentists can detect gum disease, identify Dental Check Upinfections or offer relief from pain due to a cracked tooth or even help ease inflammation that could develop around your wisdom teeth. A Bi-yearly dental visit is the number one way of preventing a dental emergency. Dentists are trained to detect any issues you may have with your teeth or mouth. They are the experts you should turn to if you have any doubts or questions regarding matters of the mouth.

Wear Sports Mouth guards

Being active in sports is a good thing, but physical contact cannot be avoided in most active sports. As accidents happen constantly in active games, wearing a mouth guard is highly recommended as this simple preventive measure can help protect your teeth from trauma and tooth loss. Talk to Kerrisdale Dental to see which mouth guard will be the best option for you. Now all you have to do is worry about the score and not about losing a tooth or two at your game!

Avoid using your teeth as a tool

It can be tempting to just cut that piece of thread with your teeth or using your teeth as a cutter. Broken or chipped teeth are the most common dental emergencies and taking a little more time to complete mundane daily tasks could save your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear. Instead of using your teeth, take a few more minutes and find that knife or scissor! It will save you a lot of pain and expense later.

Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects

This list could include nuts, ice on a hot summer’s day or even hard candy. Chewing on hard objects could lead to cracked teeth. If you have recently or ever had a filling or a root canal, you should be especially more careful. You may not think twice about crunching on some cold ice when the temperature is scorching or on popcorn kernels during movie night, but taking care of what you put into your mouth could help you have your natural teeth for longer.

No matter which dental emergency you face, you should check your mouth to clearly see the extent of your dental injuries, rinse your mouth so that the damaged area is more visible, apply cold compress to the affected area and call your dental care provider to fix the earliest appointment available. If your dental emergency is really severe, you should head to the nearest hospital emergency.

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