Is Having the Perfect Smile the Key to Success

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What is your idea of success? Perhaps it is living a long, happy life and developing strong relationships along the way. Or maybe it’s progressing in a career that you love and are good at. Whatever your view of success is, it may be directly linked to your smile. And cosmetic dentistry can help you get a perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of! Smiling has proved to be good for your health and it also improves the way others feel about you. But why?

You Smile; I Smile


Studies show that children contribute to almost all the smiles in world. Around 30% of adults smile about 20 times a day, whereas on average children smile about 400 times a day! That’s a big difference shown between adults and children. Other studies have shown that it is very difficult to frown whilst someone is smiling at you – taking into account that it takes only 12 muscles to smile, whereas it takes about 113 to frown. Smiling is known to be something that is contagious. Obviously then, people will be drawn to you the more you smile – benefiting you in all aspects of your life, including your career.

There is also a theory that smiling is not merely a result of feeling good, but actually helps in the process too. A smile has therapeutic effects on your body. It decreases stress levels, increases health and mood enhancing hormones, as well as lowering blood pressure.

It’s not in the Smile

It is not necessarily about the muscles used to smile, interestingly enough the good effects of smiling are thanks to what’s happening in the brain. Along with a smile comes positive thinking, and therefore negative thoughts are overrun when we are smiling genuinely. So the more you smile, the more you help your brain to think in a positive light. Talk about having all the power in your own hands!

Smiling can actually increase productivity, as well as the attention span and cognitive abilities. Next time your boss has a problem with your performance at work, start smiling more and maybe you can change his mind very quickly. Everyone in the workplace wants to be liked and accepted, and a smile is like a universal language that shows people your unconditional acceptance of them. Smiling often can helped develop strong relationships both in and out of the workplace.

What is so lovely about smiling is that is costs absolutely nothing. It is beneficial to you and to those around you, and has absolutely no down side. Obviously, the more we love our teeth, the more we will be compelled to smile. If you have anything you would like to improve about your teeth, give your cosmetic dentist a call. It’s a chain of events, you see: The more you love your smile, the more confident you will feel, and when you feel confident and happy you will smile genuinely, making everyone around you smile too. Maybe having the perfect smile really is the key to success.

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