Managing Oral Health during Pregnancy

 In Kerrisdale Dental Centre

It is imperative to obtain help and assessment from a dental professional  in Vancouver as soon as you get to knowOral Health during Pregnancythat you are pregnant, to know if you dental care is mandatory for you. Dental check-ups or dental emergencies should be effectively maintained so that the developing foetus is kept out of danger. This blog explains you about taking care of your oral health during pregnancy period.

Good dental health along with good nutrition is inevitable to maintain through your pregnancy, to ensure good health condition for you and your baby. Women usually vomit a lot during pregnancy. This eventually leads to an increase in the acid levels in mouth. After vomiting, women should rinse their mouth thoroughly to remove such acids. If not, the acid persistent can develop cavities. Vomiting also implies that it promotes bacteria growth. This makes up for a necessity to regularly sip water alongside flossing and brushing to maintain oral hygiene.

Babies take nutrients from their mother for growth and also needs calcium for bone growth. This means that the calcium content in their teeth gets subsequently reduced. Therefore mothers should have calcium rich foods such as yogurt and milk.

Women, who don’t exercise during pregnancy, will have their gums receded & ultimately their teeth getting loosened. If not treated, this can develop into periodontal disease that causes tooth loss. The situation intensifies with bacteria growth harming the baby or occurrence of pregnancy tumours that needs to be operated for removal.

Pregnant women should visit Kerrisdale Dental Centre and have regular dental treatments. However, the need for sedation, X-Rays and teeth whitening should be confirmed only after consultation with your obstetrician.

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