How to Have a Great Smile

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Everyone loves to hear they have a great smile, because it not only means they’re happy and have something worth smiling about, but also have a smile that people like to see. Achieving the great smile inspires confidence in people, and makes them appear friendlier to others around them. And a smile is universal, everyone knows what it means. So it is understandable why so many people want to have a great smile.

But how do you make sure your smile is great? There are many simple tips to make sure your smile is bright and worth flashing to people. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort to make sure that your teeth are looking their very best, but it pays off big in the world of having a great smile.


Proper Oral Hygiene:

The most basic and easy way to make sure you have a great smile is to make sure that you are taking proper care of your mouth and your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day to prevent tartar and plaque from building up. Flossing will prevent your teeth from plaque and tartar between the teeth, and remove any unsightly debris while ensuring your gums remain healthy. Finishing with a rinse helps to kill bacteria and keep your breath fresh and clean.

Keep your Smile Bright:

Avoiding red wine, tobacco, tea, coffee, and other stain causers can help keep your teeth at their whitest. Pairing that with the use of whitening products will keep your teeth bright and white. Maintaining a healthy diet will also help your mouth to stay at its healthiest.

Regular Office Visits:

Scheduling regular appointments with your dental provider will help keep your smile beautiful. They will be able to provide deep cleaning to the areas that you can’t reach with your in home oral hygiene routine. Your hygienist and dentist will also be able to identify issues and repair them or prevent them from escalating, which helps unsightly cavities from forming. Also, you might want to consider visiting a cosmetic dentist.

Damage Prevention and Care:

Anyone who participates in sports should wear mouth guards when playing to help prevent damage. The same can be said for those who grind their teeth when sleeping, a mouth guard is a simple way to prevent a lot of future damage. If you do find yourself with damaged teeth, it’s important to talk to a dentist as soon as possible to remedy it before it gets any worse.

Check Yourself After a Meal:

This may seem obvious, but checking your teeth for debris after eating can save you the embarrassment from being caught with food between your teeth. A quick swish of mouthwash can dislodge anything and leave your breath fresh.

Don’t Forget about Your Lips:

While they may often be forgotten when it comes to oral hygiene, your lips are just as important as your teeth when it comes to having a great smile. Be sure to keep them moisturized and exfoliated to keep dry skin from forming on them.

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