Four Times When You Need an Emergency Dentist The Most

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dentist in VancouverMost patients with dental problems would agree that toothache is the most harrowing experience of their life. While most people tend to overlook minor dental issues, the onset of severe pain can never be ignored and patients strive hard to be relieved of the pain. Here is a set of such critical scenarios when an emergency dentist in Vancouver must come to one’s rescue.

Failure of a dental procedure

Any kind of dental procedure like tooth extraction or dental implants is accompanied by discomfort, swelling and pain for a day or two. But when the procedure fails due to an accident or an infection, the pain becomes inexplicable and demands immediate medical attention. Dry socket after tooth extraction is one such case where the pain is doubled and an emergency dentist in Vancouver must be contacted immediately.

Accidents that knock-off a tooth completely

It may be the favourite sport or the sleep walking at night that may have knocked off the tooth completely. Bleeding and pain pushes the patient to the threshold of hell before an emergency dentist takes over.

Chipped tooth or fracture

Unlike the completely knocked-off tooth, a chipped tooth may not cause too much pain. However it must be reported immediately to save the remainder tooth and to avoid any other complexities. In the worst case scenario, accidents may leave patients with a tooth fracture that causes intense facial pain and demands the assistance of a dental practitioner immediately.

Ignoring early signs of dental problems

Most dental problems arise due to the simple ignored signs of the past. These signs snowball into bigger problems and may finally lead to severe pain and trauma right before an important day. Emergency dentist Vancouver helps ease the pain and prepares patients to better face the day.

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