Four Factors That Determine the Cost of Dental Implants

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Dental implantsMissing teeth spoil the looks of the patients and also cause severe problems like bone atrophy and permanent changes to the way of speaking. Dental implants are a stable way of replacing the missing teeth and offer a very high success rate to most patients. A common question about dental implants is how much does it cost to get them? Read on to find out about the factors that determine the cost of an implant treatment.

Number of implants required

Single implants can be obtained at a much lower cost than multiple implants. If a bone graft is needed to support the implant and the crown, the cost is again enhanced.

Type of material used in the implant

Dental implants can be obtained in different types of materials such as ceramic, titanium and so on. The constituent material can also influence the overall cost of the implant treatment.

Periodontal diseases and gum infections

Patients suffering from periodontal disease or any other gum infections must first be treated adequately before using the dental implants in Vancouver. This again has a strong impact on the cost of the treatment.

Position of the missing teeth

Dental implants can be used to replace the teeth of any patient with a strong jawbone. However the position of the teeth to be replaced may vary from one patient to another and so does the cost of the treatment. The front teeth, for instance, takes much more effort and expertise to be replaced than the molars. The dentist must ensure that the procedure is completed smoothly without affecting the looks of the patient.

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