What are Dental Bridges and Crowns

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Let’s say you are missing a tooth for whatever reason. Upon realization, you book an appointment at your Vancouver cosmetic dentistry clinic as soon as possible. So once there, you sit in the dentist chair listening to your him explain the problem to you. You are told by the expert that you are going to need a dental bridge and crowns. But what is a dental bridge, and what are crowns?

What Is a Dental Bridge?


Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices – they are cemented onto the remaining teeth, and can therefore only be removed and inserted by a dentist. A dental bridge consists of one or multiple false teeth and crowns. The false tooth, otherwise known as the pontic, is in between two crowns. The crowns are like caps that fit over the already damaged teeth in your mouth.


Crowns have many different uses – some of which include protection from fracturing; restoring a fractured tooth; covering a dental implant; covering a badly shaped or coloured tooth; and of course, attaching a bridge. They can either be made out of porcelain or ceramics, therefore camouflaging as a real tooth, or they can be made from metal alloys and acrylics.

Why Get a Dental Bridge?

Having a missing tooth can have an effect on your quality of life. Dental bridges can literally bridge the gap between your teeth. It is a simple operation that could leave you with lasting benefits. Dental bridges are known for restoring smiles, improving speech and chewing ability, maintaining the shape of the face, protecting remaining teeth. These bridges inserted into your mouth remove the pressure of the remaining teeth by distributing it over the false teeth, as well as ensure that the remaining teeth don’t drift out of position.

Different Types

Dental bridges come in three main types. These different types are for different circumstances and they provide slightly different results. Therefore, it is wise to carefully consider which type to choose.

Traditional Bridges

This is the most common dental bridge. A simple procedure that replaces the gab in your mouth with a false tooth. Two crowns are inserted on either side of the false implant. This is usually made out of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

Cantilever Bridges

This case is not highly recommended, and is not to be done on the back teeth in the mouth. It is frequently done, but when it is it can still bring the needed benefits. Unlike the traditional bridges, it only has adjacent teeth on only the one side of the implant. Therefore, there is less support for the false tooth.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

This is also known as simply the Maryland bridge, or the resin-bonded bridge. Wings made from metal or porcelain are bonded to one or both sides of the implanted false tooth. These bridges can be made out of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or even plastic teeth and gums which are supported by a metal framework.

Theses dental bridges may be something foreign to most people, but the dentists know exactly what they are. They can really improve your smile. Dental bridges have made many people happy. Don’t delay; let the dentist bridge the gap!

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