What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help You With?

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Although people are inclined to sneer at the notion of cosmetic medical procedures, a little study is enough to show that there are valid reasons why people undertake interventions such as cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic dentistry is no different. In a world where first impressions count and appearances matter, there can be decided advantages for undertaking a series of dental treatments for purely cosmetic reasons. We look at some of the issues that cosmetic dentistry can help you with.

A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening procedures head the list of cosmetic dentistry techniques that our patients undertake. Stained or yellowing teeth are an embarrassment, and since tooth whitening doesn’t require anaesthesia and produces instant results, it’s very popular indeed.

Although tooth whitening works for most types of discoloration, there are some types that won’t respond to our treatment. In this case we may recommend veneers. These are porcelain or composite coverings for the teeth, and the procedure is also a minor one.

Skew, Widely Spaced, or Crowded Teeth

There are medical reasons to have skew teeth straightened or to alter their spacing, but the main reason why people approach an orthodontist to correct these problems is cosmetic. Tooth straightening using braces or invisible aligners takes time and requires frequent visits to the dentist, but the effect is permanent and the oral health advantages serve as a further motivation to have this procedure done.

If you are not suited to alignment techniques or are reluctant to undertake them, veneers offer a purely cosmetic alternative.

Replace Missing Teeth

As with tooth straightening, there are valid reasons to replace missing teeth, but patients are generally most aware of the cosmetic benefits. A dentist can go through your alternatives with you: dentures, bridges, and implants all have their pros and cons. However, from a health perspective, we usually favour implants since they act just like natural teeth. Our clients prefer them because they look just like natural teeth and don’t require any special care.

Shaping Teeth

Although some people include repairing broken or chipped teeth in the cosmetic dentistry catalogue, we feel that the repair of teeth is essential to your oral health and not just a cosmetic matter. However, some people are unhappy with the shape of their teeth or feel that they appear out of proportion to the rest of the face. There certainly is a standard aesthetic for the shape of teeth, and a cosmetic dentist will know how to shape the teeth so that they conform with it.

Shaping the Gum Line

Just as we have expectations that tell us whether teeth are the “right” shape, the gums can also present an aesthetic problem. For example, if the gums cover too much of the teeth, people tend to expose more gums than teeth when they smile. The gum line can also be irregular or lopsided. Once again, the smile, which should be our greatest social asset becomes a liability. Fortunately, reshaping gums is possible, and a cosmetic dentist will know how to undertake this procedure and produce the best possible results.

Smile Makeovers

Because there will often be several aesthetic issues that trouble patients, “smile makeovers” are becoming increasingly popular. They consist of a combination of techniques that correct all the aesthetic issues which make people feel uncomfortable about smiling.

Whether you just want a simple whitening procedure or would like to find out what a smile makeover would consist of in your case, a visit to the cosmetic dentist is the first step. Take it today!

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