Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Crooked Teeth

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Crooked teeth are often fixed in childhood when it’s easiest to correct problems, but a lot of people don’t realize that cosmetic dentistry can fix crooked teeth in adults too. There are two broadly defined ways we can do this.

Mending Teeth Alignment

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Crooked Teeth

First prize is to move your natural teeth into the correct positions. It will improve your oral health and give you the look you were hoping for.  With adults, the corrections we can make aren’t as drastic as they are with kids and they take longer to achieve, but it’s still possible.

Now, you might be cringing at the thought of having to walk around with a mouthful of metal for who-knows-how-long, but you can relax. Teeth straightening isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, you can have braces that are very hard to spot or even use nearly invisible retainers to gradually move your teeth into place.

Will we be able to straighten your teeth? We would need to examine you to see whether you’re suitable for teeth straightening procedures.

Covering Up

The alternative to straightening your real teeth is to put up a “false front.” In this instance, we recommend porcelain veneers for the most natural-looking effect.  Veneers are very thin shells that we attach to the front of the teeth, and in some cases, we can cover up teeth alignment issues using them.

Veneers are custom-made for your teeth. When they are ready, you return to the office for a second appointment. The dentist prepares the tooth surfaces and bonds the new outer shells to the teeth. The veneers will not last forever, but if you take good care of them, they should require very little extra maintenance.

Pros and Cons

Straight teeth look nice, but they are also easier to take good care of and function as they should. It’s therefore way better for your health to have your real teeth straightened – but it will take time. Your dentist should be able to show you how your teeth will move during the different phases of the treatment, giving you a good idea of the result you’re working towards.

Veneers are quick to get done. Your teeth immediately look straighter. They’re particularly useful when people can’t have their real teeth straightened, but they are nothing more than a cover-up and are therefore purely cosmetic whereas teeth straightening has both health and aesthetic benefits.

Talk to Us: Our Patients’ Needs Come First

We find that some patients are hesitant to raise cosmetic dentistry issues with their family or cosmetic dentist. It’s as if they feel that because it’s “only” their appearance, it isn’t important enough to discuss.

At our practice, we feel that aesthetic issues and oral health are intertwined. Health is about feeling good, and if your teeth make you feel bad, we’ll consider it as a serious issue and help you in any way we can. Talk to us about your concerns. Your needs come first when you visit our offices.

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