7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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Not all of us are in the enviable position of having perfectly straight teeth and a brilliant smile. Luckily with the advances in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, the treatments to straighten teeth are now within the reach of most of us. The cost of having your teeth straightened has fallen considerably in the last decade. All specialists agree that the benefits of straight teeth reach far beyond a brilliant smile. Straight teeth have a direct bearing on a number of associated health and social issues.

Listed below are 7 health benefits of straight teeth:

Healthy Straight Teeth

1. Healthy Teeth

Crooked and overlapping teeth are extremely difficult to clean. They provide perfect nooks and crannies in which food is caught. Cavities and infection result from the decaying food caught in between your teeth. Having your teeth straightened will make them easier to clean and this will assist you in maintaining healthier teeth.

2. Clear Speech

Teeth play a very important part in how you speak. Crooked teeth are known to dentists as malocclusion, and all agree that this plays a large part in how you pronounce words. Straight teeth will help you to speak more clearly and boost your confidence.

3. Prevents Gum Disease

Easier to clean teeth helps to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar which lead to gum infections and eventually gum disease which, if not treated, will cause permanent loss of teeth.

4. Lower Risk of Injury

Crooked teeth are often the cause of painful injury to the soft tissue of your mouth, with its resultant pain and risk of infection. Protruding teeth are also more liable to be injured during sports, and other unfortunate traumas, like motor vehicle accidents.

5. Improved Digestion

Straight teeth make it easier to chew your food. The more thoroughly the food is chewed in the mouth, the less work the stomach and small intestine have to do. The result is that more nutrients are absorbed in the stomach. You are also less likely to suffer from indigestion.

6. Easing Head and Neck Pain

Crooked teeth cause our bite and chewing actions to be out of alignment. This puts strain on the jawbone and associated joints. This can result in head and neck pain. By having your teeth straightened, you reduce the risk of this excessive strain, and therefore the likelihood of headaches.

7. Improves Overall Health and Happiness

Straight teeth, as we have noted, are easier to clean. This lowers the risk of infection. Infection left unattended will lead to more bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria get transferred to your stomach and are a contributing factor in heart disease, pneumonia, diabetes and strokes.

Countless studies have shown that merely smiling makes you a happier person, and a happy person is a healthier person. Straight teeth increase our readiness to smile. The positive response this elicits from other people raises your level of wellbeing and increases your confidence.

There is no doubt that straight teeth have many benefits, health and otherwise; we have merely listed seven of them. Straightening your teeth is not as prohibitively expensive as it once was. A consultation with your local orthodontist will provide many available options for straightening your teeth and improving your overall health.

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