Effective Preventative Dentistry

Headed by Dr. Abbas Tejani and Dr. Omar Kassam, Kerrisdale Dental Centre offers cosmetic & general dental services that not only enhance your dental but also your overall health. Each patient is unique for us so we offer customized services to suit your needs.

Preventative Dentistry

When you set foot into a dentistry clinic, you immediately dream of owning that perfect and brilliant flawless smile! Unfortunately not every person is born with a uniform set of pearly white teeth and a captivating smile. But with the ultra-hygienic and state of the art Vancouver Preventative Dentistry centers within reach, anything is achievable these days. We will help you be the proud owner of a dazzling smile while improving your overall oral hygiene and dental aesthetics. All the dental treatment done at our futuristic Preventative Dentistry in Vancouver clinics are administered by professionally qualified and experienced dentists and oral surgeons.

A detailed program of Preventative Dentistry involves an appropriate at home oral health care system. The target of this process is to limit tooth corrosion and oral health ailments by a course of action of oral hygiene techniques and practices.

At Vancouver Preventative Dentistry we believe that paying a regular visit to the dental clinic for dental examination and cleaning, provides the dentist a chance to find any serious diseases or conditions when they are still in their early stages, which thereby provides a better chance of cure. Preventative Dentistry also ensures that the patient’s health is maintained with minimal investment of finances on small and safe procedures. We recommend the following to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Teeth Cleaning – This removes calculus and plaque from above the teeth surface and below the gum level. Some people need their teeth cleaned yearly or so, while some others need to visit, quarterly or half yearly. The teeth cleaning sessions is determined by your teeth condition and the bones and gums surrounding the teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance – This is regular deep cleaning program which is recommended to those with periodontitis or gum disease, which is done after the completion of periodontal treatment. This ensures the gums stay healthy. At Preventative Dentistry in Vancouver we usually work with the office of a Periodontist and a specialist, continuing the treatment in the maintenance phase according to their recommendation.

Dental sealants – This procedure is aimed at enamel protection and strengthening against bacteria attacks. Dental or fissure sealants are thin coatings which covers the grooves of the back teeth, thus preventing plaque and food from being trapped in the grooves. It reduces teeth sensitivity and helps those who suffer from a dry mouth. We also assess and treat Halitosis or bad breath and do oral cancer screening. We have knowledgeable and highly experienced hygienists who help prevent many health issues, detect dental problems early, prevent bad breath, and remove stain for healthy teeth and a bright smile. The treatment here usually ranges between 60 and 90 minutes. We recommend regular appointments twice or thrice yearly.


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