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This is the only way I can describe my experience.
I had the misfortune of trying a different dentist. The previous dentist informed me of all my options. None of which was what I wanted.  Now that is all a distant memory.
Here is my story.
It first started with Erin. She is the patient coordinator. So professional and friendly. Then I saw Sharon.  She listened to all my concerns and hopes for a better smile. Then I met with Dr. Tejani. Like his staff he too was so professional and friendly and genuinely concerned about making my fear of smiling a thing of the past. I would like to add that this was achieved in just two visits. 
As you can see by my before and after pictures Dr. Tejani preformed a miracle. Hence, ” The Miracle worker ( Dr. Tejani and his staff) meets Michael Angelo ( Dr. Tejani and his staff) Now as you can see I can not stop smiling. So if you have a questions about Dr. Tejani and his staff and their abilities let me assure you I feel that this answers any questions you may have.

Greg W.


Now that all the freezing has come out and I can talk again… When I was told what needed to be done, I got really concerned about what was going to happen…Would I look like I had been mugged for a month? Would I be able to eat things other than baby food?! In fact, on more than one occasion, I almost phoned and cancelled, even though a filling had fallen out. However, once again, Dr. Tejani and Sharon pulled a rabbit out of the hat and I am a happy puppy with the veneers and my current night guard still works. I will follow all the instructions that I have been given and use this new Sonicare. Also, if I may mention, I really appreciate all of the positive reinforcement that I am always given by everyone. And, I really enjoy listening to how polite every one is to each other.John Macdonald

I am a returning patient to Kerrisdale Dental Centre. After receiving great service from Dr. Tejani and his team for a number of years (removal of old mercury fillings and replacing with bonded porcelain crowns as well as restoration of a broken front tooth), I decided to transfer to another dental center closer to my home for routine dental maintenance. I ended up going to three different practices in search of the same quality of care and service but without success.

Whenever I sat in the chair of a new dentist, the first comment by the dentist or hygienist was, “Good work”. This was often followed by, “Who was your dentist?”

So, after three frustrating years I decided to return to Dr. Tejani’s practice. He is a true expert at his craft, has a warm personality, and gentle hands. All of the other staff members at this dental center are equally as warm, caring, and highly skilled at what they do.

I am very happy to be back and think that the 1 hour and 15 minute commute (one way) is worth it for the quality of dental care that I receive here.

I highly recommend Dr. Tejani and his team.

Pat Sinnette

Between May 2010 and July 2011 I had a damaged tooth extracted and replaced with an implant and crown held together with a titanium screw. During this procedure, Dr. Tejani and his dedicated staff at Kerrisdale Dental Centre worked professionally and passionately to make this as comforting as possible for me. Dr. Tejani and Sharon’s dedication to detail was quite obvious throughout the process and it shoes in the final results. I am very pleased with my teeth and smile.
I take great comfort in knowing that Kerrisdale Dental Centre has been there for me over the last 9 years and will be there to provide all my future dental needs.

Thank you again, Dr. Abbas Tejani, Dr. Omar Kassam, Sharon, Laura, Elaine, and Aaryn.

Michael Dorion

I have been a patient of Kerrisdale Dental Centre for almost ten years and I have no hesitation in stating that absolutely nothing could make me change dentists. Over the years, I have had fillings, root canals, several crowns, a bridge and, most recently, cosmetic work. I now have straight, even teeth which is something I have always wanted and am absolutely delighted with. Both Dr. Tejani and Dr. Kassam are extremely skilled and very professional. Dr. Tejani has done most of the work that I have needed and I have not had a moment’s pain or discomfort. I trust his advice completely and he always ensures that his work is 100% and that I am happy with it.The staff at Kerrisdale Dental Centre are very professional and always helpful. They deal immediately with emergencies and are very understanding…

I whole heartedly recommend Kerrisdale Dental Centre

Sue Parker

One thing I am especially thankful for this year is the gift of my new, shiny, white smile and the wonderful dental team that has made it possible. Omar, you are a technical and artistic master. My 14 new porcelain veneers look wonderful and have been perfectly comfortable and natural-looking since day one. All this and you serenaded me throughout the procedures, too!

Sharon, you are technically a whiz with all the preparation and finishing procedures, and your chair-side manner is so pleasant and such a comfort.

Abbas, your night guard design has made it possible for me (an avid grinder and clencher) to protect my teeth comfortable all night. I am always aware of having a strange object in my mouth when I first put it in at night, but almost forget it’s there by morning. (Hope I don’t absent-mindedly go out with it still in someday!)

I would also like to compliment Richard at the lab for his high level of technical expertise.

Thank you, as well, for the gift of the Philips Sonicare. I have finally tamed “the beast” and now we are getting on very well. I hope Elaine will be impressed with the health of my gums.

So many times over the years I wished I could have this work done. Perhaps, however, this is really great timing. As I get farther into my “Golden Years” and everything on my person slides farther south and wrinkles up, I will be able to flash my beautiful, shiny, white smile and nobody will notice anything else.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you,

Joyce Crawford

Dr. Tejani and Sharon did everything possible to achieve the best results for me. They strived for perfection in every way.

Shawn Turnau

Having veneers done over 5 years ago, I have been very satisfied with the results and constantly receive comments on how wonderful my smile is! Very detailed follow up on maintenance of the procedure has been part of the work. To date, my dental conditions are excellent in health, appearance, and condition of the teeth.

I highly recommend veneers to everyone.

Jean Dunbar

The best reward I received was from my partner who said, “Thank you for caring enough about yourself to take care of your smile.” I wish now that I had done this years ago. I have more self-confidence and I can’t stop smiling!

Karen Bourgeault

Today’s visit went very smoothly and I was impressed that my initial needle was completely painless. Overall, a very positive visit to the dentist!

Matthew Mazur

I came here 8 years ago deathly afraid of dentists. I was a complete mess. Dr. Tejani and his team of gorgeous women gained my confidence and gave me a million dollar smile. Thank you for my new look!

Richard Krentz

I have found Dr. Tejani and his staff to be professional and thorough but at the same time friendly and welcoming. Much effort is made to make me feel relaxed and at ease which adds a level of comfort to my experience at the dental office.

Barbara Gaetz

I had a small filling that was leaking and I didn’t realize it was bothering me until it was covered by the veneers. I feel so much better! I am very happy with my whiter smile. I am more confident and I would recommend this treatment. I get many compliments. I was apprehensive to have [veneers], I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision; Dr. Kassam to the time to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions.

I am so happy with the results!

Bonnea Maccke

Thank you to Dr. Tejani for the care and attention shown to me during my veneer process. Each stage was explained in detail and done to my satisfaction. I highly recommend this treatment as I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Helen Hannaford

Working to help Dr. Tejani achieve the esthetic and functional goals of his patients has been a seamless co-operative effort. His understanding of occlusion and oral function has allowed us to create not only beautiful oral rehabilitations but ones which allow patients to eat and function in comfort.

Dr. Scott Yamaoka DDS MS. FRCD(c)

The transformation of my bite and teeth has been a long process but the results are stunning and it has been totally worth it. When working on such a sensitive area, it would be so easy for someone to mess things up but with Abbas you never doubt him; his skill and attention to detail is incredible and his gentle, considerate manner takes you calmly through the whole process.

You get a feeling with Abbas that he gets so into your particular case that he could actually work on you blindfolded, just guided by his memory! I feel very lucky to have found Abbas and (in case you haven’t guessed) I cannot recommend him enough!

Thanks Abbas!

Alex Arbab-Zadeh

As a long time patient of Dr. Tejani, I have always been very impressed by the great care he has taken to ensure all my dental conditions are corrected to my satisfaction. Dr. Tejani and his staff are very kind and personable and are always up on the latest technology. I would highly recommend Kerrisdale Dental Centre to anyone seeking excellent dental care.

Paul Zuurbier

The work Dr. Kassam has done has not only changed my smile, but has given me more confidence in my day to day life. The veneers look good and feel great. My jaw took well to the procedure and it relieved a lot of stress from my two front teeth. I would have the procedure again and I would recommend it to anyone else.

Tyler McDonald