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Headed by Dr. Tejani & Dr. Kassam, Kerrisdale provides sleep apnea Vancouver treatments, along with general & cosmetic services. We strive to enhance your dental but also your overall health. Let us help you.


Patients can be treated using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: CPAP, machine which blows air under pressure though a mask strapped around the head to the nose or nose and mouth combined. This is the gold standard for treating this condition but many people find it uncomfortable and very difficult to tolerate.

Alternatively, treatment for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea with specific dental appliances has been shown to be very effective. Treatment involves wearing a dental appliance, which holds the jaw forward and slightly open. This keeps the airway open and prevents the tongue from falling back, thus keeping the airway clear.

Extended medical will often provide benefits for this treatment for those with this type of cover.

At KDC we will ensure that your appliance is adjusted to your specific requirements and that you are monitored to make sure your appliance is working effectively for you.

Persons prone to sleep apnea:

1.Adults who snore and who stop breathing when sleeping can benefit from treatment. About ¼ of adult males and 10% of females suffer to some degree from this problem. An increased risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease has been documented. Libido is reduced and there are intellectual deterioration, personality and behavioral changes with OSA.

2. Work limitations are clearly demonstrated with OSA. Occult depression associated with the work limitations takes place.

3. Related to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

4. Oral appliance therapy can reduce daytime blood pressure.

5. Brain changes occur with loss of grey matter and problems with thought, memory and motor skills.

6.Weight loss of 10% can reduce OSA severity.

7. 2-7 fold increase in risk for significant commercial vehicle motor accidents. Incredible cost in money, lives and life impact according to Worksafe BC.

8.  More than half of all work-related accidents are sleep-related.

9. Reduction of life expectancy of 8-18 years.

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