Headache, Migraine, & Neck Pain Relief

Headed by Dr. Abbas Tejani and Dr. Omar Kassam, Kerrisdale Dental Centre offers cosmetic & general dental services that not only enhance your dental but also your overall health. Each patient is unique for us so we offer customized services to suit your needs.


Key Benefits

  • Helps relieve Migraines and headaches
  • Can aid in relieving neck and back aches
  • Create a better quality of life
  • Helps to relieve jaw and facial pain
  • Can be a long term solution with no medication

Many people are unaware of the connection between their teeth and headaches, muscle pain, migraine and other types of craniofacial pain.

For some people, when their teeth don’t mesh properly and function in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles, the muscles become overactive, compressing the jaw joints, going into spasm causing jaw and joint pain as well as headaches and migraines and potentially leading to permanent joint damage, chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

At Kerrisdale dental centre our doctors are trained in the management of craniofacial pain and can help treat the cause of your pain. Dr Tejani is a graduate of the American Academy of Craniofacial pain and has had great success in helping treat patients with head and neck pain.

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New Patients Always Welcome!

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