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When to Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

October 27, 2014
27 Oct 2014

Reconstruction and RehabilitationUnfortunately getting involved in an accident, sustaining injuries, losing your teeth or breaking your jawbone may compel you to get in touch with a local emergency dentist. In such situations, patients are most often prescribed a full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Checking if Reconstruction is the Best Solution

Even if you may not have sustained what you believe to be a major injury but are having trouble during speech and when you eat, it is recommended that you visit a reliable facility such as Kerrisdale Dental. Here, the experts will be able to pursue a comprehensive check of your jaw and oral cavity. The check determines whether the problem lies with your jaw muscles, gum tissue, teeth or the temporomandibular joints. Read more

Taking care of your Invisible Aligners

October 26, 2014
26 Oct 2014

Taking care of your Invisible AlignersAn increasing number of adults are choosing to get aligners installed to straighten their teeth, improve their bite and revive that perfect smile. However, a major part of finding success in this treatment is making sure you take care of your invisible aligners.

The dentist in Vancouver recommends the following basic habits for people that have invisible aligners installed, in this treatment is making sure you take care of your invisible aligners.

•    It is important that you clean your invisible brackets as many times as you brush your teeth every day. Soak them in a solution of water and denture cleaner while you are having your meals. You can then brush and rinse it in lukewarm water before you put them on again.
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Replacing your Missing Teeth – Going Beyond Aesthetics

October 23, 2014
23 Oct 2014

Dental-ImplantsIn addition to significantly influencing the way you look, missing teeth can have a harmful effect on your overall oral health. While tooth replacement falls under the purview of a Vancouver cosmetic dentist, the objective behind the procedure is more than just an aesthetic one.

More often than not, the missing tooth is not even entirely visible to others. However, not approaching a Kerrisdale dentist for a replacement or implant at the right time can result in tooth decay and other complications in your oral cavity.

What is a Tooth Implant?
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Key Questions to Ask Before Getting Braces

October 18, 2014
18 Oct 2014

Key Questions to Ask Before Getting BracesEven after trusting the experts at Kerrisdale Dental Center, the thought of getting braces as an adult is a rather overwhelming. That said it is always good to be prepared and know exactly what you have to expect during your treatment. Here are a few things you can ask your orthodontist before you get those brackets installed.

•    What are the different types of braces I can choose from?

Most adults are recommended non-self-ligating or self-ligating metal braces, clear ceramic braces or aligners that are almost invisible.

•    Do I really need braces?
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